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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

10 Things My Wife and Twitter Have In Common

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Like my wife, Twitter...
1. gets to hear all my random nonsensical ideas
2. is my obsession
3. is built on Ruby on Rails (um... nope, nevermind, that one doesn't work)

Like my wife,
4. loves to converse
5. has fascinating, stimulating ideas
6. sometimes doesn't respond to me
7. sometimes looks like a whale (just kidding!)
Like my wife, Twitter...
8. is the subject of this blog post
9. has multiple personalities; some are fun, some are annoying, and some a bit scary
10. remembers all the dumb things I said years later (damn you, Summize, you're too good!)


LuluGirl said...

like Twitter, your wife will also become inaccessible to you after she reads this post!

MichaelW said...

scatology? that's probably not what i think it is.

Chris (Anzel Online) said...

I would leave a smart ass comment but I dont think I can do better that lulugirl.

catepol said...


Shell said...

Very nice, but you forgot that Twitter has lots of followers, so watch out. ;-)

This would make a great top 10 list.

LoneWolf said...

Now you better follow this up with a "10 Things About My Wife That Are Better Than Twitter". Maybe make that 20.

Funny stuff!